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By Patrick Muneza - Fri Nov 18, 2:03 pm

10 Over 10 Productions is a studio that will revolutionize the production industry in Rwanda through innovation and excellence. The studio will offer services ranging from music production to video production to jingles and documentaries. Our business will be driven by the principles of honesty, professionalism and dedication in order to deliver the high quality products that our customers expect.
10 Over 10 productions is a new top-notch production studio located in Kigali Rwanda and powered by the parent company, Radio 10.
The production house is a hub of creativity and diversity and offers a wide range of services as listed below;
1) Music production
2) Film production
3) Discovery production
4) Advertisement production
5) Design solution
6) Wed design and hosting
7) Animation
8) Recording and production of jingles
9) Recording of programs
10) Music promotion
11) Professional photography.

For more information on our products you can email us on 10over10@radio10.rw or call us on 0786022804.

The best Rwandan production studio ever.

10 Over 10 Productions

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